Can Davis Martin be even better for the White Sox in 2023?

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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Davis Martin saw big innings last year in his rookie season after an abundance of injuries. It allowed Martin to compete at the major league level.

In 2022, the Texas Tech alum pitched in 14 games (9 starts), 63.1 innings pitched, and 48 batters retired via strikeout. He also had a 3-6 record with a 4.83 ERA.

While his stats in 2022 don't jump out at you, Davis Martin pitched better than what his stats show and he was a considerable piece of the Chicago White Sox's rotation as well as the bullpen. Whatever the White Sox needed Martin to do, he filled in.

For 2023, Martin wants to make even more of an impact and it's shown through his work ethic at Camelback Ranch in Arizona.

Davis Martin wants to take another step with the White Sox in 2023.

Chuck Garfien caught up with the right-handed pitcher to talk about his breakout season in the majors and what Davis Martin expects from himself in 2023. Garfien also asked who the next Davis Martin will be.

The Lubbock, Texas native traveled to camp with his two dogs and wife. Davis Martin pitched at Texas Tech and decided to start his family and life there when he graduated from college.

Chuck Garfien went back to his high-school days, primarily focusing on his senior year. Martin was 9-1 with a 0.29 ERA meaning he gave up three runs season-long. Martin gave up a three-run homer, meaning he also made one mistake during his final year at the high school level.

Davis Martin is blessed to have the opportunity to pitch in the MLB and it always feels rewarding when you finally get the call-up to the big leagues. Davis Martin had that exact feeling.

Martin always had the goals and mindset to get off of the back fields in Spring Training. His goal was reached this year as he started off his 2023 Spring Training with expectations more heavy-filled than just the back fields.

Davis Martin's favorite start of his 2022 campaign was when he faced the Padres in San Diego. He described it as a competitive/playoff-like atmosphere. It was an unbelievable experience for him and he was grateful his wife got to attend.

His least favorite start was the last start of his 2022 season but it motivated him to learn from it and move on. It's not given for free to start in the MLB and Davis Martin is determined to stay up in the majors for all of 2023.

""I hate it.""

Davis Martin on White Sox Talk Podcast

The quote refers to the pitch clock, which he got a taste of at the triple-a level playing for the Charlotte Knights. Martin knows he has to live with it whether he does hate it or not and that goes for every pitcher in the MLB.

With the pitch clock, hitters don't want to be working long at-bats and Davis Martin will try to throw the fastest innings possible through the pitch clock in 2023.

Martin knows that it can be exhausting to be in the batter's box for an extended period and with the pitch clock guaranteeing less time between pitches for the hitter, Martin wants to take advantage rather than his opponents.

Martin's major goal for this year is to be relied on. He wants to throw around 160-170 innings and prove that he can pitch in the MLB every five days.

Martin's goal might be challenging as he is not one of the five projected starting pitchers for the White Sox. Still, if an injury occurs, he would be the guy to slide into the rotation and fill in for whoever suffers an injury.

When Garfien asked who the next Davis Martin is, Martin told Garfien to figure it out himself. Martin admits to feeling neglected while at the back fields but it made him determined to get as far away from that as possible.

He seems to be in a secure spot with the Chicago White Sox thus far throughout Spring Training which is nice.

Davis Martin wants to exceed expectations even more in 2023. Through his teammates and work ethic, his chances should lead to a successful year whether he is in the bullpen or starting for the Chicago White Sox this season.

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