The Chicago Bears seem to be the Chicago White Sox of the NFL

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were mathematically eliminated from postseason contention on Sunday afternoon with their loss to the Detroit Tigers. 

That is not at all surprising. This team felt like a non-playoff team all season long. In fact, it is more surprising that it took this long for them to get eliminated mathematically. 

As a result of this White Sox pessimism, the sports fans in town were excited for the fresh new NFL season. Everyone wants to see the Chicago Bears have a great year! 

The Bears had the number one pick in the 2023 NFL Draft because they had the worst record in the league. Obviously, they traded the pick. That was one of many things they did to help improve their team during the off-season. 

The Chicago Bears are a lot like the Chicago White Sox in the year 2023.

After the good off-season, there was tons of hope as they entered their game against the Green Bay Packers. In typical Chicago sports fashion, that game was a disaster. 

Justin Fields, who has appeared at a few White Sox games wearing awesome Sox gear, was terrible. The whole team around him was bad too including the coaching staff. 

Watching the Bears really just felt like watching the White Sox. It was a nightmare. The Bears are just the White Sox of the NFL. It is a true disgrace. 

Both teams need some major changes in certain areas. Both teams have terrible ownership. Both teams do a lot of losing. It is sad. 

There is still plenty of time for the Bears to turn it around this season when the White Sox are done. However, the Bears might have more problems long-term than people think if their quarterback isn’t the guy. 

No matter what, it will always be annoying that these two teams just can’t figure it out. We can only sit here and hope that things change. 

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