Chicago White Sox: 2022 player grade for Jose Ruiz

Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers
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The Chicago White Sox are in a weird spot with their bullpen. They have a few guys who are absolute studs and they have a few guys that are clearly not meeting the expectations placed on them. Jose Ruiz is someone that can fit into both categories depending on the day.

Ruiz had an ERA of 4.60 and a WHIP of 1.418 which are not good stats at all. However, he had 68 strikeouts in 60.2 innings pitched which suggests that he has some pretty nasty stuff. Despite some of the bad stats he still managed to have a WAR over 0 with 0.3.

It isn't spectacular or anything like that and it is closer to being bad than good. However, as mentioned before, when he is good he is great but when he is bad he is awful. That is why the numbers are what they are despite knowing that he has some really good stuff at times.

You really can't be a winning team with a guy like this pitching in high leverage situations but he is fine to have as the last bullpen guy for low leverage situations. He was fine in that role in 2021 but things weren't as easy for anyone in 2022.

Final Grade: D

The Chicago White Sox didn't get what they needed from Jose Ruiz.

Jose Ruiz is getting a D because of the fact that he had some pretty awful statistics. There are players who were much worse that get Fs but he can't get any higher than a D with the way that he played throughout the season.

Again, there were days that he went out there and dominated but not even close to enough to warrant a higher grade than what he is being given here. There are a lot better options for the White Sox to use in bigger moments going forward.

In 2023, he is going to be there in all likelihood but Pedro Grifol will probably be much smarter than Tony La Russa when it comes to bullpen usage. You probably won't see Ruiz in high leverage situations nearly as much going forward which is good for everyone. This year is very big for him and his career.

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