The Chicago White Sox coaching staff under Pedro Grifol is all set

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox have been in the news quite a bit over the last few days. Some of it is in the national scope and some of it is a little bit more local.

It started the weekend that followed Thanksgiving when it came out that they are signing Mike Clevinger to a deal. He is coming in to be their fifth starter in a year they need some more help.

On Monday, we learned that Jose Abreu was going to the Houston Astros on a three-year deal worth 60 million dollars. That is a tough one for Chicago White sox fans to swallow. He is one of thier all-time greatest players and they lost him for nothing.

He had his introductory press conference with the Astros on Tuesday to add a little extra sting to White Sox fans. He is going to go there and have so much success.

A few hours after that ended, the White Sox thought it would be a good time to announce their new-look coaching staff for 2023.

The Chicago White Sox announced their entire new coaching staff.

Of course, we know that Pedro Grifol is the manager of the team. That was the first order of business during the offseason as Tony La Russa is no longer there. This is a move that may work and it may not but we will know pretty quickly.

We knew that Charlie Montoyo was going to be the bench coach and that Ethan Katz was going to remain as the pitching coach. Katz will also have Curt Hasler back as the bullpen coach.

Jose Castro is going to be the hitting coach with Chris Johnson as the assistant. Daryl Boston will return as the first base coach with Eddie Rodrigues as the third base coach.

The Major League Field Coordinator is going to be mike Tosar and Geoff Head is going to be the Senior Director of Sports Performance.

There are some recognizable names and some new folks coming in to help this team grow. We will see if they are capable of helping this team take a step back in the right direction in 2023. After the horrid 2022 season, all we can do is hope.

Some folks are surprised that Daryl Boston is returning after all these years. He is on his fourth White Sox manager while being retained. However, his role is going to change a little bit.

Instead of handling the outfield and base-running instruction, he is going to just be in charge of just the outfield. To be honest, it isn't his fault that first basemen have mostly handled the outfield over the last few years. Grifol claims that his relationships with the players are the reason they kept him.

Charlie Montoyo did a good job with the Toronto Blue Jays as their manager so having him as a bench coach will be nice. Ethan Katz is also a very smart pitching coach and there is plenty of evidence to prove it so these are two of the smarter decisions here.

A lot was made about the White Sox hitting coach Frank Menechino last year. The offense was bad and he took a lot of the heat. Well, Castro is a great hire for this job. He has been the assistant hitting coach with the Atlanta Braves for the last eight years. That team is a good one to learn from.

All in all, this could be much worse. There is a lot of work to be done and these folks will have some tall tasks on their hands once spring training begins. Hopefully, it all works out.

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