Chicago White Sox: 3 reasons Rick Hahn was fired

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The Chicago White Sox made some big decisions. After a horrible season, they decided to finally fire Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams.

It was a long time coming as the two have not done well in their roles recently. There have been a couple of good flashes but it all came crashing down.

In the case of Rick Hahn, he was the general manager. He took the credit and the blame when things went either good or bad for the White Sox.

Now that he is gone, this is a good time to think about the three things that got him fired. These three reasons explain it all:

1. Pedro Grifol was a disaster of a hire

The Chicago White Sox do not have a good manager in Pedro Grifol.

The Chicago White Sox hired Tony La Russa to be the manager after the 2020 season ended. However, that was not Rick Hahn's doing.

Jerry Reinsdorf went above everyone that works in baseball operations under him and hired his old friend from back in the day.

Obviously, that was a disaster of a decision made by Reinsdorf. La Russa, one of the greatest managers in Major League Baseball history, didn't do well in his second stint with the White Sox.

Coming into this year, Hahn was able to hire his guy following the departure of La Russa. After a long search, he hired Pedro Grifol to be the guy.

Of course, Grifol is just as bad if not worse than La Russa. He wasn't fired (yet) but his not working out is a big reason this season is a failure.

The hope is that the new general manager can find a good manager that helps the White Sox take progressive steps forward.