Chicago White Sox: 3 wild trade packages for Mike Trout

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The Chicago White Sox are mostly a pathetic organization that does nothing right. That is why the once-promising rebuild has turned into the most disappointing era in the history of the team. 2023 has been a disaster and it may only get worse. 

The only team who might have it worse right now is the Los Angeles Angels who handled this season about as poorly as they can. They didn’t trade Shohei Ohtani for the greatest haul in MLB history and were buyers instead. 

They then proceeded to lose a bunch of games only for both Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout to get hurt. Now, there is a good chance that they lose Ohtani (the greatest player ever) in free agency for nothing. He is free to go wherever he wants. 

They might also trade Mike Trout which would be a shock across baseball as he is also one of the greatest players who ever lived. It will be interesting to see where he ends up. 

The Chicago White Sox would love to have a player like Mike Trout.

Ohtani gets a lot of the praise and rightfully so. He is the most talented baseball player who ever lived. However, Trout was the best player in the league before Ohtani showed up. The Angels couldn't do anything with both of them on the same team which is sad. Now, it sounds like it may be over.

Can you imagine if the White Sox were that team? No? Us either. However, it is very fun to think about what it would be like if it were to happen. A trade package might look something like this: