Chicago White Sox: Amazing news announced on AJ Pollock's contract

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox had the seventh-highest payroll of any Major League Baseball team in 2022 but somehow still have a correct reputation for being cheap. That is because they continuously cheap out when it comes to signing players that they need the most during the offseason.

They are also one of only a few teams that have never given out a 100 million dollar contract. People are hoping that they can right that wrong this offseason. Regardless of how they do it, there need to upgrade the roster in certain spots for them to improve on thier dissapointing 2022 season.

Well, they are getting a little bit of relief to their roster payroll hit as AJ Pollock has opted out of his current contract. He will not be on the Chicago White Sox in 2023 and is now a free agent. This is something that was not considered to be likely before it happened.

Pollock wasn't good enough to leave eight million dollars on the table but he did it anyway. He gets five million dollars in a buyout from the White Sox by opting out. It is hard to see him getting more than that in 2023 with a different team so he must've hated playing in Chicago.

The Chicago White Sox won't have AJ Pollock on the team in 2023.

This is outstanding news for the White Sox because he certainly wasn't worth it in 2022. Of course, the White Sox got him in a trade that sent Craig Kimbrel to the Los Angeles Dodgers. It didn't work out the way that they thought it would.

Now, they can use that money elsewhere. That eight million dollars combined with Josh Harrison's money and a few other players leaving can be used on upgrades where they need them.

It also helps free up a log jam of outfielders that don't play right field well. With the first baseman that have been playing outfield too much still there, they might be able to make a move to put everyone in a better position to succeed now.

The Craig Kimbrel trade was nothing short of a disaster. They traded Codi Heuer and Nick Madrigal to the Chicago Cubs for a few months of Craig Kimbrel and one season of AJ Pollock. Neither of them panned out well. It is time for them to accept their losses and use that money wisely now.

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