Jean Segura would be perfect for the Chicago White Sox

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The Chicago White Sox are going to make some moves this off-season. Nobody is expecting them to spend a significant amount of money compared to some other teams because of their history. However, that doesn't mean that they can't go out and add some quality players.

One player that would absolutely be realistic for them is Jean Segura. It came out on Monday that the Philadelphia Phillies were declining his team option so he is going to be a free agent. That's a tough thing for him to hear a couple of days after losing the World Series in six games.

This move doesn't mean that the Phillies think low of him. It could just mean that they have their sights on someone like Trea Turner or Carlos Correa to play the middle of the infield for them. Segura joining this White Sox team, however, might not be a terrible idea.

The Chicago White Sox desperately needs help at second base. They need help at other positions too but there are some outs with those positions. With second base, they need some help. They should not be relying on Lenyn Sosa, Danny Mendick, or Leury Garcia in 2023 and beyond.

The Chicago White Sox could use a second baseman like Jean Segura.

Ever since Nick Madrigal got hurt in the middle of the 2021 season, they haven't had a legit answer there. Madrigal got traded to the Chicago Cubs and trades/signings for players like Josh Harrison, Cesar Hernandez, or the other mentioned options haven't worked.

Segura would be a nice addition. In 2022, he slashed .277/.336/.387 for an OPS of .723. He also had 10 home runs and a 1.8 WAR. He is someone that would provide some really nice play there at second base while being on the cheaper side compared to other free agents.

If this is the "cheap out" addition that the White Sox makes, so be it. He is a great player that can help any team win. If he was brought in, they would be adding a quality defensive second baseman that can also hit pretty well. He also now brings in a wealth of playoff experience.

With Tim Anderson and Jean Segura as your middle infield, you'd see them make some plays together. He could also bat ninth to try and turn the lineup over to Tim with regularity. Now that he is officially a free agent, the White Sox can think about signing him.

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