Chicago White Sox: Andrew Vaughn has big shoes to fill in 2023

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Three of the best offensive players in Chicago White Sox history have all played third base. Frank Thomas, Paul Konerko, and Jose Abreu have all proudly presented what a first baseman on the south side of Chicago is expected to do.

Abreu is absent this year and Andrew Vaughn is the next man up to take the head role at the position. It's his time to take advantage of it and it should be worth watching in 2023.

The Santa Rosa native will have a lot of eyes surrounding him throughout 2023 and quite frankly, throughout the rest of his career.

Andrew Vaughn has been with the White Sox for two seasons and a giant leap is expected to happen in 2023, his third professional MLB season. Andrew Vaughn has played 261 career games and has 32 home runs, 124 RBIs, and a slash line of .255/.315/.414 with a .730 OPS.

The Chicago White Sox are expecting a lot from Andrew Vaughn in 2023.

Andrew Vaughn was in a bit of a jam during his first two years with the White Sox as he didn't have a proper position. Vaughn was too compelling of a hitter to take out of the lineup so he was forced to play corner outfield while Abreu always remained put at first base.

With Abreu gone, this sets Vaughn up for success. Vaughn is not an outfielder and you have to give him credit for dealing with it through his younger years in MLB but it didn't go as well defensively at all. Andrew Vaughn will be a better baseball player at his usual first-base position.

Vaughn was on the White Sox Talk Podcast showing his support and cosigning the brand-new White Sox coaching staff.

A different brand of baseball is shining on this baseball club during the first couple of days of spring training thus far and a big reason behind it is the talented staff on board this year. The White Sox have a chip on their shoulder this year and will have something to prove in 2023.

The White Sox have been focusing on the basics in spring training so far and sticking to the little things has a chance to make this White Sox team click, considering all the small things that went wrong in 2022.

Vaughn clarified that they were establishing new building grounds to grow and the entire organization is banking on a driven year.

Vaughn was also asked about his troubles in the left and right field spots, how stressful it was on his legs, and his overall health. He said it was challenging to learn a new role in the big leagues and it's a shame he was forced to learn the position so quickly.

The White Sox fanbase and community have to give him credit for trying something he's never done before, considering he did it at such a high level. It's not something anyone should be upset about. His defensive play could have been more efficient but his bat still had a spark.

The White Sox needed him in the lineup and the closure with Jose Abreu has opened up the option to believe in Andrew Vaughn at his proper position. Playing first base exclusively will result in a higher chance of overall health for Andrew.

Andrew Vaughn knows all the great names to play the position for the White Sox but he's ready to make his mark in the organization.

Vaughn is not those other three guys. He's simply Andrew Vaughn and he will give the fans and organization the way he plays baseball rather than what Frank, Paul, and Jose did.

Vaughn will take it day by day and he will improve in any way he can during the 2023 season. He has learned a lot from Abreu and even though Jose had Andrew's position for the two years that the two were teammates, Vaughn will still miss having him around.

Abreu was a great leader in the clubhouse and it's hard to see someone special leave for another club. Vaughn shared he's excited to see and play him on Opening Day.

This kid has significant expectations and he knows it but he's going to take it one day at a time and give the White Sox community Andrew Vaughn baseball, not what people are comparing him to.

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