Chicago White Sox dream scenario in the 2023 MLB Draft

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

Major League Baseball is the only men's league in North America's "big four" sports leagues that does the draft during their regular season.

It is okay though because baseball is the sport that takes the longest to be ready for. Guys can take 3-5 years before they are even close to Major League caliber.

We just saw the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks make a first-overall selection in Connor Bedard that will be on their opening night roster next fall.

All of the Chicago Bears players picked in 2023 are going to be playing for jobs in a few weeks too. That doesn't happen in baseball.

The Chicago White Sox need a lot to go right in the 2023 MLB Draft.

It would be cool if it did but whoever the White Sox draft is going to take a long time to get on the Major League roster.

The draft is going to start on July 9th and go through the 11th. It is going to be very fun watching to see who Chicago decides to select.

Their first-round selection is 15th overall. For a lot of reasons, drafting right in the middle of the entire league is not where you want to be but that is where the White Sox find themselves.

They then don't pick again until the official second round starts. That selection for them will be pick 51. Then, in round three, they come up again at 84.

What do the White Sox need to make their dream scenario come true? Well, that is a complicated question. The answer is not truly clear. It isn't about one player because at 15th overall, there isn't a franchise savior that will be available. At least, at the surface of the pick.

What the White Sox need to make their draft dreams come true is some good scouting and a little bit of luck. They really haven't had much of either of those two things over the years and now it is time to hope that things change.

Their draft pick is probably going to be much better in 2024 because of how bad they are playing this year. It is going to take a lot to retool this team so hitting on some of these draft picks is a good way to get going on that.

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