Chicago White Sox: Ethan Katz's love for Liam Hendriks speaks volumes

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

Chicago White Sox pitching coach Ethan Katz is not the loudest person you’ll ever hear from. In fact, he is very laid back, easygoing, and smart when it comes to his craft. 

Listening to him talk about pitching is very interesting because of his knowledge but he isn’t ever really giving a juicy response to a question. It is usually just a vanilla response that answers your question. 

However, there was one question that got him to be a little more emotional than usual. He was asked about Liam Hendriks and he got all choked up while talking about it which was really interesting to see. It makes sense because of the nature of what he is going through but Katz rarely ever shows emotion. 

You can tell just from this response that he cares so much about Liam and what he brings both on and off the field. It is apparent in this reaction that the way Hendriks touches the lives of others is just different. There is a reason he gets the outpour of support that he does. 

The Chicago White Sox are lucky to have Liam Hendriks there with them.

Hendriks, despite this treatment for cancer, has been working out at spring training already (and threw a bullpen session) which is absolutely unbelievable. He is an incredible inspiration to all of those around him. The love Ethan Katz feels for him makes total sense. 

We know that we won't hear a timeline for his return until at least Opening Day. Even then, it might not be right away that we find out. That is okay. Hendriks is an amazing player and the White Sox need him but that isn't the important thing at all. The biggest thing is making sure he makes a full recovery.

Katz's comments prove that he will be welcomed back with open arms because of what he means off the field just as much as on the field. As mentioned before, he is truly an inspiration to everyone that has to deal with hardships in life.

It will be a truly special moment when he makes his return to the game that helped us learn his story.

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