Chicago White Sox GM Chris Getz gives an update on Luis Robert Jr's trade rumors, Moncada and Eloy eventual return

Getz said it is unlikely Luis Robert Jr. will be traded, Eloy will return soon, and Moncada might return after the All-Star break.
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago White Sox general manager Chris Getz spoke before the team's series with the Houston Astros and shared a few interesting nuggets.

Getz first addressed the recent trade rumors swirling around Luis Robert Jr.

It makes sense that Getz values Robert Jr. highly. Luis would have probably won the AL MVP last year had he not played for a 101-loss team and Shohei Ohtani was not on the Los Angeles Angels. He is an amazing talent with the ability to impact the game both at the plate and in the field.

The issue is his injury history which is cutting into his value. The better option is to let him finish out the season with the hope he proves he can stay healthy and then determine what to do with his future on the Sox in the offseason.

It is risky considering Robert Jr's injury history, but it might be the best way to get his full value back in a deal.

Getz also shared that he is getting calls from other teams but did not disclose the details as GM's are oft to do.

Getz also provided an update on Eloy Jimenez and Yoan Moncada's potential return from the injured list.

Eloy has been on the 10-day IL for the second time this season since May 22nd with another soft tissue injury in a long-running list of them. Moncada has been on the IL since April with a soft tissue injury of his own.

It looks like Eloy will be returning shortly and Moncada will actually return this season.

Getting Jimenez back probably before his next injury will help an offense that is crushing the ball out of the park this month. Moncada's eventual return will also assist help one of the worst offenses get better. However, it will provide a lineup crunch once he returns.

Lenyn Sosa is hitting like he belongs in the big leagues and hopefully, Getz will want to see what Bryan Ramos can do later in the season.

Even if both return and hit well, the Sox need to move on from Jimenez and Moncada based on their cost for next season and constant injury issues.