The Chicago White Sox have fired a couple of coaches

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox were a horrific team this season. Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams have already been let go and there are plenty of more changes that are going to come this off-season. Well, on Tuesday, there were some more firings out of the Chicago White Sox organization.

On Tuesday, we learned that some changes were already made. Hitting coach Jose Castro, first base coach Daryl Boston, assistant hitting coach Chris Johnson, and assistant pitching coach Curt Hasler are all going to be out.

Boston has been with the team for 26 years. There have been 11 straight years with him as the first base coach. Multiple coaching staff have passed by while Boston managed to stick around. He has also been working with the outfielders during this time.

Honestly, he needed to go. Not many people should be sticking around but he wasn't all that good at helping the outfielders or coaching first base. Change was needed.

The Chicago White Sox made some big coaching changes on Tuesday.

As for the other guys, it isn't like the hitting or pitching was good last year. Getting rid of both hitting coaches feels like a strong move once again. It would be nice to see them pick the right guy this time around as the offense has been going backward for a while now.

They fired the assistant hitting coach but Ethan Katz, an original member of Tony La Russa's staff, is going to stick around for his fourth year. For some reason, the organization loves him and hasn't held him accountable. We'll see what he is able to do with his next chance.

The White Sox have a long way to go to get back to being competitive but this is a good start. Bringing in new people is always a smart idea when you go 61-101. Having an entirely new hitting coach staff in 2024 wasn't what they had in mind a year ago but it is a necessary thing to do.

Hopefully, all of these changes help the White Sox get back on track again in 2024. Things were bad this year and some changes needed to be made in the dugout.

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