Chicago White Sox: It won't take long to realize how 2023 is going to go

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were terrible in 2022. They were one of the most dissapointing teams in all of sports when it comes to a team that was expected to do good.

Now, heading into 2023, the White Sox are just hoping that the changes they made will be enough to get them going in the right direction again.

Andrew Benintendi and Oscar Colas are both hoping to impact the outfield this season while guys like Lenyn Sosa and Romy Gonzalez would love to solidify second base but that is going to be difficult for them.

They also have a new manager in the mix as Pedro Grifol is ready to take over the Tony La Russa/Miguel Cairo regime. He comes from the Kansas City Royals where he was very successful with them in a lot of different ways. Now, he is hoping to help the White Sox win.

The Chicago White Sox need to have a good showing early in 2023.

This team has a lot of talent. There are players that have the tools needed to be superstars but they have to reach that potential. If they were ever all able to, the White Sox would win the division with ease and maybe more.

One thing that seems obvious is that we will know quickly. After a few weeks of play, we should know if 2023 is going to be more of the same (inconsistent) or if they are able to rebound and play the way that they did in 2020 and 2021.

If they come out and have a hot start, a lot more people will warm up to this team's chances of being a good team this season. If they get off to a bad start, things are going to be very ugly for this organization. The way they respond to either type of start will be super interesting to watch.

This is a big year for Pedro Grifol, Rick Hahn, and lots of players on the team. If they don't come out and have a good year this year, there are going to be changes made to the organization. Hopefully, we have good news on them by May.

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