Chicago White Sox manager Pedro Grifol made another bad comment regarding Bryan Ramos

We did not need to know he missed a hit-and-run sign.
Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

Leave it to Chicago White Sox manager Pedro Grifol to say things that do not need to be said. Even more importantly, leave it to him to say something stupid and irrelevant.

Whether it is being way too serious when it comes to watching a solar eclipse or making poor excuses for the first base coach going missing at the beginning of an inning, Pedro is not exactly a wordsmith.

This time he made an unnecessary comment about rookie Bryan Ramos.

Ramos kicked off a fifth-inning rally with a single. He then went to third on what looked like an aggressive base running decision after Nicky Lopez singled. You know he did the A in Pedro's FAST acronym. It was a gamble as Lopez did not exactly smoke the ball to the outfield, but Ramos slid in safely thanks to a throwing error.

He later scored but exited the game with tightness in his quad. Pedro said he got hurt on that dash to third.

Really, Grifol should have left it at that. Instead, he took a shot.

This is a manager who gives infinite patience to his veterans.

You do not hear him calling out Gavin Sheets for missing the cutoff man in the top of the fifth that allowed the trailing runner to get to second. The Nationals left that inning up 3-1 when if Sheets throws to the cutoff man, that runner stays at first and instead the Sox are down 2-1. Sheets was not exactly technically sound there--the T in FAST.

How many times does Pedro say the team just to flush it after a loss? Enough to figuratively clog all the toilets in Chicago.

The television broadcast complimented Ramos for being aggressive. At the end of the day, Ramos was safe so no harm, no foul. At the bare minimum, Grifol should have a discussion with Ramos about missing the sign in private. Grifol did not need to take it public especially since Bryan has been so good since his callup.

Also, his defense helped starting pitcher Chris Flexen escape some jams early in that game. Instead, how about calling out the training staff for another soft tissue injury? Either the Sox somehow have four players in Yoan Moncada, Luis Robert Jr., Eloy Jimenez, and Ramos whose muscles are so tightly wound that no amount of yoga can help, or the Sox just cannot hire the right people to get their bodies ready for a game.

This trend of teaching young players through public critique does not work with this generation. It certainly does not work for Grifol as he then tends to bury rookies. Has anyone seen Oscar Colas lately? He is now stuck at Triple-A despite still having a high upside. Yes, he went into business for himself sometimes by never hitting the cutoff man or free-swinging at the plate. You coach that out of him.

Grifol has him sitting in the minors because he does not want to deal with this thing called development. You just get the feeling the reason the Sox are still going with veterans is that Grifol has no patience for youngsters. That would be fine if the Sox were competing for a division title. This is a team trying to avoid being historically bad. One reason for that is the manager.