Chicago White Sox manager Pedro Grifol makes another bad comment

His excuse for first base coach Jason Bourgeois causing a slight delay in Monday's game because no one could find him was not a good one.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago White Sox manager Pedro Grifol has a history of making poor comments. This latest one might take the cake.

The White Sox had many embarrassing moments on Monday. They got crushed 9-0 in a rain-shortened eight-inning game by the Atlanta Braves, but that was not even the worst part.

The biggest embarrassment came when the game had to be delayed when no one could find first base coach Jason Bourgeois to start the bottom of the eighth inning.

Grifol's explanation was his latest really dumb statement.

Grifol should have stuck to Bourgeois needed to use the bathroom like everyone probably thought he was doing. Hey, sometimes nature calls at the most inopportune times.

Instead, Grifol ignored the context that no one cared to maybe tap Bourgeois on the shoulder once the rain delay ended to let him know play resumed.

The other problem was a half-inning of play already happened before this became a mini-national embarrassment. The manager at some point should have looked around the bench and saw his first base coach was not there.

Grifol may have known what Bourgeois was doing, but it never occurred to Grifol to send a runner to go get his first base coach to start the inning.

This might be a little thing, but it is another example of Grifol being in over his head. He preaches wanting to be detail-oriented and then did not realize that you need a first base coach on the field to start an inning.

Plus, if Bourgeois was stuck in the bathroom, there is no need to come up with this watching tape excuse. This would not be the first time in professional sports that a game had a slight delay because of the need to use the facilities. Instead, the White Sox feel compelled to come up with excuses that they think is legitimate and actually comes across as looking worse.

No one does that more than Grifol.