Chicago White Sox Manager Pedro Grifol Makes Another Foolish Statement

Asking the No. 2 hitter in the lineup to bunt is bad strategy in today's game.
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Typically when manager Pedro Grifol speaks, something head-scratching is about to be said.

He made another comment recently that makes your head scratch to the point you may go bald.

That's right folks, Grifol wants his two-hole hitter bunting more. Someone remind Grifol this is 2024 and not 1984.

Pitchers are no longer hitting and it has been proven time and again that you should not be wasting outs just to get a guy into scoring position. For you purists, remember two is better than one so why sacrifice an out to move one runner over when you can keep the bat in the hitter's hand to put another runner on?

The only time bunting makes sense is in extra innings for the home team and the game is still tied. Then sure, bunt away to get the Manfred runner over to third. Fine, if it is the leadoff hitter trying to get on base, then you baseball purists are also correct that bunting is acceptable.

Otherwise, no bunting!

The way that Pedro keeps going on and on about playing the game fast, you know he wants to play himself some good old-fashioned small ball in an era where ball go far, and a team usually goes far.

That is what today's game has become: get guys on base then hit it far to score runs in bulk. Plus, there are not many Bob Gibson's out there throwing where a team is lucky just to get a baserunner.

Also, it does not make sense to tell a guy who hit a career-high 25 home runs in 2019 to become a slap-hitting No. 2 hitter. This is not 1993 when you had Joey Cora and Lance Johnson at the top of the lineup. Andrew Benintendi is not exactly someone you would consider blazing fast as a leadoff hitter.

The No. 2 hitter is no longer a spot in the lineup to make sure the leadoff man gets to second base. The No. 2 batter needs to be someone who can make the game 2-0. Your best hitter should now be in the two-spot.

Luis Robert Jr. should probably hig second, but if Yoan Moncada can stay healthy and hit like he did in 2019, then it cannot hurt to switch between the two. Knowing Pedro, he would ask Robert Jr. to bunt too and that is the scary part.

It is foolish to think the Sox will get with the times just like it is foolish for Grifol to emphasize bunting.