The Chicago White Sox need more from Oscar Colas and Lenyn Sosa

Chicago White Sox v Colorado Rockies
Chicago White Sox v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox earned a big win over the Colorado Rockies on Sunday. Unfortunately, that was a big win that saw them avoid being swept at Coors Field. 

The first two games did not go well at all as the Sox couldn’t get anything going against an equally as bad Rockies team. It shouldn’t be that surprising based on how the White Sox have been this year. 

What was it that allowed the Sox to pull out a big win on Sunday? It was a big-time eighth inning in which they scored seven runs to put them ahead 10-5. Yes, they were losing 5-3 before that inning started. 

Two key contributors were Oscar Colas and Lenyn Sosa. Each of them is considered to be a nice young prospect that the White Sox have a lot of faith in. 

The White Sox need contributions from Lenyn Sosa and Oscar Colas.

Colas had the big double in the 8th that put the White Sox ahead. As for Sosa, in the same inning, he hit a three-run home run to extend the lead that Colas helped them build. 

The funny thing is that neither of these two was in the starting lineup for the White Sox at the beginning of the afternoon. It is good that they were inserted when they were otherwise the team probably would have been swept. 

To be honest, the White Sox needs more from Sosa and Colas. These are supposed to be players that the White Sox can rely on. If they don’t start playing like this more often, that might not be the case in the future. 

Colas especially is a player that this team believes in. He has been one of their top prospects for a few years now and they have high hopes for him. It would be really nice to see him become the right fielder that they’ve been missing for a long time. 

The two guys mentioned here deserve a lot of playing time. Not because of anything they have done in MLB but because of their ceiling. It is higher than certain players on the team so why not give them reps? 

Hopefully, as the Sox come home to face the Seattle Mariners on Monday, they get a bit more time out there. Both of them should absolutely finish the year with the MLB club at this point. Hopefully, Rick Hahn and his staff see it the same way. 

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