The Chicago White Sox need to pick a direction in November

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

It is about to be November! Fall is approaching and the Chicago White Sox were not one of the teams that played during the month of October.

It is a shame that they weren't even close to a Wild Card Berth because things always can get messy when you are bad by accident. This team was toast by the start of May.

The White Sox have already fired Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams so changes were made. It was just unfortunate that they were replaced by Chris Getz who is basically them.

Now, he is the man in charge of this mess and it is hard to see him getting out of it. Yes, it is a wonderful opportunity for him and that is exciting but there is a lot of built-in pressure there.

The Chicago White Sox are counting on Chris Getz for a lot this off-season.

Getz is about to, as mentioned before, see the calendar flip to November. That means that the off-season is going to officially begin. The World Series will be over by the end of the weekend so the winter can officially start.

During the month of November, Getz has to make a big decision as the head of baseball operations. Is the White Sox a franchise trying to win or rebuild? He has to know the answer for sure, now just what he is telling people.

If he wants to win, he should be picking out a new manager and figuring out the best ways to fix the roster. If he thinks a rebuild is necessary, he should be moving every part that he possibly can for future assets. It won't be long before we know what he has chosen.

The faster these decisions are made, the more effective a team can be during the off-season. Getting a jump start on it all is a good idea. Whichever decision is reached, Getz better be sure.

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