Grading Liam Hendriks's 2023 Chicago White Sox season

Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox were mostly an uninteresting bad team in 2023. There wasn’t a lot for fans to be excited about throughout the entire year. However, one player turned into a beacon of inspiring hope in a short amount of time. 

That player is Liam Hendriks. For the last handful of years, Hendriks was the most exciting closer in MLB. He was elite but he also brought an energy that was contagious. Every time he’d make a big pitch, he went crazy and the crowd erupted. 

Unfortunately, before the 2023 season started spring training, Hendriks was diagnosed with cancer. That put a stop to his baseball activity as he needed to get his health taken care of. Some things are bigger than the game we all love. 

Hendriks would have update after update until finally, it came out that he had beaten cancer. He fought and he fought hard with his family and fans by his side. Eventually, he was allowed to resume baseball activity. 

The Chicago White Sox had an amazing moment with Liam Hendriks.

During the regular season, Hendriks returned to the roster and made his season debut. He went out there and pitched after defeating cancer not long before. It was an incredible moment for him, his fans, the Chicago White Sox, and Major League Baseball. 

Hendriks deserves all of the praise that he can get. He went out there and pitched hard to show people fighting that they had a chance. He will forever be a White Sox legend for that. 

Eventually, Hendriks had to take care of a baseball-related injury that ended his season on the early side. However, it was great knowing that he got to come back this season and get to doing what he loves most. He truly is a warrior. 

2023 Final Grade: A+

Liam Hendriks deserves an A+ for his season with the White Sox. As mentioned before, some things are bigger than baseball. He gets this grade for all of the good that he accomplished this year. The world is a better place because of him and that is a bigger compliment than any baseball stat can give. 

2024 Outlook: 

Hendriks has a team option in 2024 so it is up to the White Sox if he pitches for them next year. They should absolutely pick it up. He is going to miss some time still recovering from his injury but he is just amazing for the organization in every way. Regardless, he will pitch again in MLB and he will be great.

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