This Chicago White Sox player should be DFA'd right away

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox had a horrible year. Everybody deserves the blame. So far, only Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams have been held accountable but they were replaced with Chris Getz who has also been a part of the problem.

The players will soon start to be held accountable too as the roster will surely see some change over the off-season. Some of the bad players have expiring contracts and there are some other players that could be traded away. However, there is one player that needs to be DFA'd right now.

That player is Aaron Bummer. They can't allow him to return in 2024 as there is no way that they can get him back to being an outstanding reliever. He was amazing in the past but has since fallen way off. He needs a change of scenery as badly as any player in the league.

Once Bummer is on a different team, it would not be surprising at all to see him get back to form. Other clubs have better data, philosophy, and coaching which is something that can help a pitcher like Bummer get the most out of his stuff. The list of pitchers that left the White Sox and got better is long.

The White Sox should get rid of Aaron Bummer as soon as possible.

A lot of teams would take a chance on Bummer knowing what his stuff is capable of doing. He just needs to correct a few things and he will be great again. The White Sox are not the team that can help him do that.

Now that it is officially the off-season, they need to DFA him right now. He was straight-up incapable of getting out of an inning without allowing runs in almost every appearance. It started to become sad to see. It doesn't help that the team's bad defense can't take advantage of what type of pitcher he is.

Bummer's 2023 season ended with him at a -1.0 WAR. He had a 6.79 ERA, a 1.526 WHIP, and 36 walks. Of course, these are all the worst numbers of his career on a team that went 61-101.

He did, however, have 78 strikeouts in 58.1 innings pitched. He also only allowed four home runs. This shows that his stuff is extremely nasty but he hasn't been able to own his pitches for a while. It is time for him to go fix it somewhere else. It is a shame that the White Sox can't be the team but it is what it is.

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