This Chicago White Sox player has surprised everyone to start the season

No one had Paul DeJong having starting off all right at the plate on their bingo card.
Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a team that has some work to do, that’s for sure.

They have started the season out slow and appear to be everything that fans thought they would be and that was being a bad team.

Granted, they aren’t getting blown out in games. They are playing people close, but they aren’t able to finish and can’t quite seem to generate a lot of offense.

That’s hurting them in the win column.

It’s always good to look for something positive about the White Sox and there is something very positive to talk about.

There is one player who has started off with a hot start for the White Sox.

That player is shortstop Paul DeJong. DeJong began the season with two home runs and is a fine fielding shortstop who can do a lot for this team. He’s already done a lot being a direct contributor to the White Sox's first win of the season over the Atlanta Braves.

Up to the White Sox's third game against the Braves this week, DeJong has been to bat 11 times this year so far, he has two hits, with both being home runs, and two runs batted in. His batting average is .182 which isn’t great, but the season is young. Also, what matters is that he’s been able to help contribute to the White Sox win against the Braves.

Yet another aspect of his game is fielding. In his nine defensive chances, he’s had three putouts and five assists. He’s had one error, however. Still, that’s a strong start with the opportunities he has had. Being a veteran player and having seen so much in the league should help him with his fielding this year. He’s also someone who can be a leader on the team and provide everyone with quality leadership on and off the field.

The White Sox need that type of player.

The Chicago White Sox aren’t going to do much this year. But what they do this year will help pave the way for next year. DeJong may be getting to the end of the line but there is still one thing he can do one very important thing. That is mentoring the younger players, like Braden Shewmake, and quite possibly, eventually Colson Montgomery at the shortstop position.

There might be an opportunity for Shewmake and Montgomery to better themselves through DeJong. You never know.

For now, DeJong is the man in the middle, so to speak, at shortstop. The White Sox have a good thing going with him and Shewmake. Add Montgomery to the mix at some point and DeJong should be able to tutor both into becoming great shortstops.

The White Sox are a team that is preparing for the future and not necessarily the present. They have some good young talent and some veterans who are going to act as stopgaps until someone better or younger comes along.

Right now, there are some decent players in the minors ready to come up at some point, possibly sooner than later depending on the health status of those above them in the majors.