Chicago White Sox: Salvador Perez wouldn't do much good

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The Chicago White Sox are a bad baseball team. They haven't really done anything right in two years and even their good 2021 season looks questionable now. What is it about this team that makes them so bad all the time? They don't ever win the AL Central with any regularity.

Now, it seems as if they want to do something very dumb as there are rumors that they want to make a trade for Kansas City Royals catcher Salvador Perez. That would not be a smart decision for Chris Getz and his staff in the year 2023.

Perez is still a decent player but he is far from the player who is likely to be a Hall of Famer that he once was. He is on a bad version of the Royals now but he has certainly been a part of some winning teams there.

He is a five-time Gold Glover, an eight-time All-Star, a four-time Silver Slugger, a World Series champion, and a World Series MVP. All of this is great but we are far removed from him being a truly elite player. Nobody is questioning Perez and his career. They are questioning the need for an aged version of him going into 2024.

The Chicago White Sox should not trade for Salvador Perez this year.

It isn't his career they'd be trading for. It would be the player that he is right now. In 2023, he slashed .255/.292/.422 for an OPS of .714. He hit 23 home runs, had 80 RBIs, and scored 59 runs. Again, there are worse players in the White Sox lineup but it just doens't fit the plan going forward.

Adding him to the White Sox is not a good idea because they don't need him. They will not be a winning team so adding a former superstar catcher isn't the play. Do they really want another potential Yasmani Grandal-type situation on their hands?

Between Getz and Pedro Grifol, there is a connection to Perez but that shouldn't matter. The White Sox need to think about getting younger and more vibrant not older and slower.

The fact that this is even a serious rumor tells you everything you need to know about the state of the franchise right now. They went 61-101, a band-aid like this won't help turn things around. The roster needs a complete overhaul.

They have no clue what they are doing and that is going to be the case for a little while. Getz has a chance to prove some people wrong and this would make it a bad start.

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