The Chicago White Sox should strongly consider Kim Ng

Miami Marlins Introduce Skip Schumaker as Manager
Miami Marlins Introduce Skip Schumaker as Manager / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox hired Chris Getz to be the president and general manager of the Chicago White Sox during the summer. This came after the team shockingly fired Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams. Getz didn’t deserve the job after his time as the head of player development but now fans must root for him. 

Hahn and Williams did deserve to be fired because they were at the head of the most disappointing stretch in franchise history. They had a rebuild going very nicely for them and they ruined it all. This team needs something to help get them back on track.

On Monday, we learned some pretty big news in the world of Major League Baseball. The Miami Marlins and Kim Ng have parted ways after she declined her option for the 2024 season.

Of course, Ng was the first woman to hold that position in MLB history. No woman had ever held a front office position that high until she came around. Ng is a true legend already for what she’s accomplished. 

The Chicago White Sox should consider someone that knows how to win.

The Miami Marlins made the playoffs this season which was an incredible accomplishment and totally unexpected. They made it in the short 60-game 2020 season but this was the first time that they made it in a full season since 2003. 

They lost to the Philadelphia Phillies who are still alive in the NLCS today which shows just how good they are too. Still, it was a great year for the Marlins and Ng is a big reason why. She left behind a very bright future for an organization that has been starving for a winner. 

There are going to be plenty of other front offices that consider someone like Ng. There are various roles that she is suited to fill. If Getz can swallow his ego and hire a GM under him, Ng would be perfect for the Chicago White Sox. It really would be her life coming full circle if she returned to this franchise. 

She started her career as the assistant director of baseball operations in 1990 and stayed with the White Sox through the 1996 season. Some really good players came through during that time with her involved. The Sox should love to have her back at this point. 

Ng became a three-time World Series champion as an assistant GM of the New York Yankees from 1998-2001. The three titles she helped win during that time are very impressive and she should be proud of them. After that, she served with the Dodgers before her Marlins job that officially began in 2021.

There are other big-time jobs out there for her to consider but the White Sox going after her would be great. It is an impressive resume for Ng and she is far more qualified than any of the other people the White Sox have had

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