The Chicago White Sox should trade Andrew Vaughn right now

The Chicago White Sox should trade Andrew Vaughn right now if they can.
Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are not a good baseball team. One of the reasons that they are bad is the play of Andrew Vaughn. The third overall pick from the 2019 MLB Draft started his career off very well but has fallen off in a big way here in 2024.

Right now, Vaughn is slashing .193/.258/.239 with an OPS of .497. He has 0 home runs and seven RBIs with seven runs scored. His numbers are truly pathetic. His -0.7 WAR speaks for itself.

It is time for the White Sox to trade Vaughn. He needs a change of scenery to revive his career. He never truly lived up to expectations but he was an okay player from 2021-2023. The fact that he is a straight-up disaster here in 2024 tells the story of someone that needs to go.

The White Sox won't get much for him. The potential for bounce-back is the only redeeming quality for Vaughn right now. He has nothing going for him on the field right now.

The Chicago White Sox should be looking to trade Andrew Vaughn ASAP

When Vaughn's MLB career started, he was forced to play the outfield because of the injury troubles that the team dealt with back then. Now, he is at first base with Jose Abreu being a member of the Houston Astros organization.

Things were supposed to get better for Vaughn once he started playing his natural position more. Well, the exact opposite has happened. He has gone backwards.

Plenty of teams out there would consider a 1B with upside as a worthy risk to take. A lot of teams may have the key to unlocking more from him again. The White Sox don't do that well.

Gavin Sheets would be the new full-time first baseman if Vaughn were to depart. Trading Sheets might be smart too as he has been on fire but he would be the immediate replacement if Vaughn were traded right now.

This is the state of the White Sox right now whether people like it or not. This is a player that is hurting the team's chance to win and it is time to move on from him.