The Chicago White Sox sold every one dollar ticket for Thursday

Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox
Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

Over the weekend, we learned that the Chicago White Sox had to make a schedule change for the week. It was largely due to the bad weather going on the East Coast that affected the series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and New York Yankees.

The Diamondbacks were supposed to start their series with the White Sox on Monday but they instead finished their series with the Yankees. Every game that the Diamondbacks play is important because they are in a race for the NL Wild Card.

That game was pushed to Thursday which was a scheduled off-day for both teams. The White Sox announced that the tickets in the 100 level for that game were going to be a dollar and the parking was going to be free.

Obviously, if they didn't do that, the attendance would be incredibly low because of the state of the team so they decided to make that adjustment. It is kind of sad because it means the team is horrible but it is nice that some fans will get to the park one last time on the cheap.

The Chicago White Sox sold tickets to Thursday's game for $1.

This tactic worked for the White Sox as they announced that every $1 ticket had been sold. There are going to be a lot of fans in attendance for a game in which the home team has been mostly done for months. It should be a good game as the White Sox are looking to play spoiler.

Hopefully, the fans that attend the game are able to see something good and enjoy their day. Guaranteed Rate Field is a great baseball stadium and it deserves a good team playing on the diamond. It is a shame that the team is this bad.

Following this game will be three against the San Diego Padres to close out the season so we are almost done. As for this series finale that will take place on Thursday, it should be fun to see folks enjoying themselves at the game when they spent $1 and didn't pay for parking.

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