Chicago White Sox: This unit of the team needs to be better right now

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox / Ron Vesely/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are in a weird state right now. They can’t seem to get their pitching right and it’s costing them games. The evidence is clear and comes on the heels of a 1-2 series against the San Francisco Giants and a series-opening loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The White Sox allowed a lot of runs, including a ton of home runs. Something must be done to get the pitching in a better place so the Sox can win games.

In taking a look at the pitching staff, there is really only one guy that the White Sox can count on, as a starting pitcher, that won’t get them into a bind.

That pitcher is Dylan Cease. Cease has shown just how awesome he can be in the two starts that he has had. He’s an elite talent and someone that the White Sox don’t need to worry about.

Outside of Dylan Cease, the White Sox need better starting pitching.

Then you have Lance Lynn who has struggled significantly so far this season. His game against the Giants was a horrifying one and one that fans hope they never see out of him again.

He’s just not pitching like the Lance Lynn of old and no one knows why. Maybe he will settle in and play better and be more consistent but he’s got to get better if the White Sox are going to have much success on the mound in 2023.

Lucas Giolito made his second start for the White Sox in 2023 on Friday. His first start wasn’t terrible and if he can improve just a bit as well as keep it consistent, he just might end up being the White Sox's second or third-best pitcher.

That’s saying a lot, and there is a long way to go but this is an important year for Giolito because he will be a free agent at the end of the season so watch him put up some strong numbers in an effort to showcase his skills.

That wasn't the case on Friday though. In fact, he had a terrible start for the White Sox. People are down on him after allowing the Pirates to hit as well as they did and rightfully so.

Mike Clevinger is an interesting player and had a decent first outing against the Houston Astros. Clevinger may quietly be a great pitcher on this staff if he can keep doing what he did in his first start.

He’s a good pitcher and the White Sox are lucky to have signed him. He will pay out big time this season.

Finally, out of the starting five, Michael Kopech may have had the worst of things so far. He has started just one game but in that game, he got rocked and he came out reeling, with an ERA of 13.50 having pitched five innings.

He gave up a multitude of home runs to the San Francisco Giants and left some to wonder if he’s actually a starting-caliber pitcher. It’s going to be important for him to get going and be better this season. If he can’t, the White Sox are going to be in a world of trouble.

The White Sox bullpen has been less than stellar this season and needs to pick things up also. They are missing their top reliever, Liam Hendriks.

Hopefully, he will be back soon but there aren’t that many other guys picking up the slack for his being out. Aaron Bummer has been solid but he, along with Joe Kelly, has been just about the only two reliable pitchers in the bullpen at this time.

Others have to step up and play much better than they have been if the White Sox are going to win enough games to make the playoffs this year.

Their pitching has been atrocious and highly substandard. If they can’t get things picked up and start playing better, it’s going to be a long and tough season for the White Sox and their fans.

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