White Sox News: Oscar Colas hits his first career home run in Friday's loss

Chicago White Sox v Houston Astros
Chicago White Sox v Houston Astros / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox took another loss on Friday. This time, it came on the road against the Pittsburgh Pirates by a final score of 13-9. 

Their offense has been doing some really nice work lately but the pitching staff has been nothing short of a disaster. Giving up double digit runs again is a disgrace. 

Lucas Giolito had a disaster of a game and the bullpen didn’t do much better. Sitting at 3-5, there is a lot to worry about but the pitching needs to improve the most

In this loss, the offense was outstanding as they almost scored double digits. Luis Robert, Tim Anderson, and Jake Burger all had great games and are looking like they have some big seasons ahead. 

The White Sox saw a big moment come from the bat of Oscar Colas.

However, the highlight of the game was the fact that Oscar Colas hit his first career home run in this game. It is what White Sox fans hope is the first of many. 

Colas has had a decent start to his career but there is plenty of room to grow his game both offensively and defensively. Getting that first home run off his back may help him relax now and move on as he continues to work on things. 

Now, Colas and the White Sox have some work to do. The offense, as mentioned before, has been outstanding but they need to work on that pitching.

The starters and bullpen all have given up too many home runs and that needs to come down. If it doesn’t, they are going to continue being a bad team. It isn’t something that is going to fix itself overnight but they can work hard at it. 

There are two more games to go in this series for the White Sox to try and get this right. It will start with a game on Saturday afternoon with Mike Clevinger on the mound. 

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