Chicago White Sox viewed as one of the worst teams in MLB heading into 2024

The Chicago White Sox are ranked as one of the worst teams in baseball.
Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox - Game One
Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox - Game One / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

After one of the most disappointing seasons in Chicago White Sox history in 2023, things aren't exactly looking up for 2024. The White Sox have one of the more interesting rosters in baseball and are likely to move Dylan Cease in a trade before Spring Training.

While things don't look like they can get much worse, this could be the start of a terrible few years for Chicago fans. If they do decide to move on from Cease, that all but confirms the fact that they're in a major rebuild.

At the moment, they're in a weird spot. The roster is decent but not great. Due to the lack of talent on the roster, it's tough to say that a piece or two can make a difference. However, there's some talent that can be worked with if the front office is willing to spend money.

Are the White Sox going to be a World Series contender by making a move? Likely not, but they could compete in the American League Central. Once a team gets into the postseason, anything can happen. Being in the Central should give them a reason to try to get better. Instead, they're not doing anything of significance to make the roster better.

As currently constructed, Chicago's in a bad spot. That landed them as the No. 26 ranked team in the initial power rankings of 2024 by

The White Sox find themselves in the same bottom tier as the Washington Nationals, Colorado Rockies, and Oakland A's. Teams like the Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates are ahead of them.

With names out there to make the team better, perhaps they could move up before the season starts. Due to the Cease trade looming large, it doesn't look promising for them to move up in the near future.