Chicago White Sox vs Los Angeles Angels will be truly exciting television

Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

After losing four straight series in the final game of the set, the Chicago White Sox finally got one. With their win over the Boston Red Sox on Sunday afternoon, they were able to snap the bad streak

They had some good pitching performances from pretty much everyone and the offense did just enough to take two out of three. Now, they'd like to keep that good feeling going as they hit the road.

Chicago will head to California where they will be taking on the Los Angeles Angels. Of course, this series is loaded with great players that haven't had much success in the win column over the years.

The Angeles are really trying to change that narrative this year. They are 42-37 which is a much better record than the 34-45 mark of the White Sox. However, they aren't in a horrific division so they are still 6.0 games out of first place which is exactly the number the White Sox are at as well.

The difference is that the Angels are only 1.0 games out of a Wild Card position. They are hoping to give baseball fans what they want this year.

Seeing the White Sox play the Angels is going to be truly exciting.

The reason that baseball fans want more of the Angels is the fact that they have two of the most spectacular players who ever lived.

Shohei Ohtani is the greatest player in the league right now and he might be the most talented player who ever lived. He is the best hitter on the team but he is also the best hitter on the team.

Ohtani will in all three of their lineups as a premier designated hitter but he will start Tuesday's game on the mound. That should be so fun to watch.

Mike Trout hitting alongside Shohei Ohtani is what creates this team's two-headed monster. Before Ohtani came around, Trout was seen as the best player in the league. He is a premier defender in an important position (centerfield) while hitting as well as anyone who ever lived.

The White Sox are not short of talent either despite their poor record. Luis Robert Jr. has been on fire lately as he hit his 20th and 21st home runs of the season on Sunday. He is clearly showing that he is an All-Star caliber player as well. The hope is that the rest of the team shows up in this series as well.

Despite seeing the White Sox truly nosedive this season, it is exciting to see them participate in matchups like this one.

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