The Chicago White Sox will hire one single decision maker

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox
Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox / Jon Durr/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox fired Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams. That news shocked the baseball world because nobody expected them to make a move like that.

It was thought that they wouldn't even do something like that during the off-season let alone mid-season.

Hopefully, that means some good replacements are going to be put in but we won't count on that until it happens.

The White Sox released a note when making this announcement on social media. It was a long note but the ending is what will be focused on here.

The Chicago White Sox need to stay true to this note they released.

They talk about beginning a search for a single decision maker to led them in terms of baseball operations. They also mention having one in place before the end of the season.

That is big because if they actually stick to that, they will be going against what they usually have done.

Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn both had their hands in the cookie jar which is never a good thing. One person should be in charge.

All of the good teams have tons of people giving input but one person making final decisions. The White Sox need ton do that. It would make it even better if it were someone that comes from outside of the organization.

Anything that followed traditional practice for the White Sox should be done completely different now.

They have to be different than they have in the past because they don't have a long trail of success following them.

Jerry Reinsdorf has been a bad owner for almost his entire tenure but this is his chance to go out with some positivity.

The fan base won't trust them until there are clear changes being made for the better which is fair. It would be nice to see them finally come through.

Having one decision maker running things instead of multiple is the way to go and we have to hope they do that.

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