Chicago White Sox: Yoan Moncada can make a big impact in 2023

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were incredibly mediocre in 2022 and a large reason for it was underwhelming play from a lot of people that they expect more from.

One of the players that fit this bill the most is Yoan Moncada. He started the year hurt and then had one of the worst seasons of his career when he came back. His struggles certainly were well-documented all season long.

One thing that kept Moncada in the lineup every day that he was healthy was his defense at third base. It is exceptional. However, his bat was so useless that it wasn't really worth having him out there as much as they did.

For all the money that they are paying him though, they were never going to just let him go. He was always going to play when he was healthy. It isn't the best way to run a team but that is what the White Sox chose to do.

The Chicago White Sox are in a tough spot with Yoan Moncada right now.

Coming into 2023, Moncada must be better. We can only hope that he does that thing where he is really good during odd-numbered years (his best seasons were 2019 and 2021). The White Sox can't afford for him t be terrible.

If he is good this year, that will help the White Sox win more. He has all of the talent needed to be an impact player but it is up to him to just go out there and do it. It isn't for a lack of effort but something needs to change with him. Winning will follow if their highly-paid third baseman is great.

The thing that the White Sox should be thinking about is what they will do if he is awful. Although Jake Burger isn't great defensively at all, his bat brings so much more when he is on and Moncada is off. That is a player who might deserve to play more if things shake out the way they did in 2022.

The White Sox are going to fight for the AL Central again if Moncada has a good year. As mentioned before, things will be hard if he is as bad as he was last year.

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