David Ross would not be a good hire for the Chicago White Sox

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs
Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox had a terrible year in 2023 and manager Pedro Grifol was a huge part of it. In every way, he is the worst manager currently employed in Major League Baseball. The White Sox seem to be retaining him which is a major mistake.

On the other side of town, the Chicago Cubs are doing what they can to make themselves better which is something the White Sox are bad at. They could have retained David Ross who was fine but it was clear that they could upgrade if the right opportunity presented itself.

The right opportunity presented itself when Craig Counsell became available. There were plenty of teams in the mix before the Cubs quietly swooped in and took him from one of their biggest rivals in the Milwaukee Brewers.

Ross is out and Counsell is in. That is a smart move. Now, David Ross is available to manage another team if someone thought he'd be good for them. The thing is that he would be a bad idea for the Chicago White Sox at this point.

The Chicago White Sox hiring David Ross would be a terrible decision.

Would he be an upgrade over Pedro Grifol? Yes, he probably would. It is clear that Ross's guys play hard for him which is not something Grifol can say. However, if they are going to get rid of Grifol at this point, it might as well be a very good manager. Not another stop-gap like Ross.

The White Sox need to hire a manager that makes them a better team without question. Ross is not that guy. He makes everyone feel good because he's "Grandpa Rossi" but he doesn't help make his team better. Teams don't lose because of David Ross but they don't win because of him either.

This would be a bad hire for the White Sox because it would prove that they never look to get the best. It is always the easy options that they go with instead of the ones that give them the best chance.

Grifol is way worse than Ross but that doesn't make Ross a good replacement. Maybe one day, the White Sox will bring someone in that helps them get the most out of their group.

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