Everything you need to know for the White Sox in Tuesday's draft lottery

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox didn't make the 2022 MLB Postseason as they were one of the most dissapointing teams in the entire league. They were expected to be a really good baseball team but that turned out to be a failure. They went 81-81 which was only good for second place in the division.

The one good thing about it is that they get to participate in the first-ever Major League Baseball Draft Lottery. It is a weighted draw to see who will get the first six picks in the 2023 Major League Baseball Draft.

For one, the event can be found on MLB Network at 7:30 PM locally. It is going to be a show that reveals who has the picks in what spots.

Because the White Sox were one of the best teams that didn't make the playoffs (even though it didn't feel like it), they don't have that good of odds to win the first overall pick. They have a 0.6 percent chance to win the whole thing and get the first overall pick.

The Chicago White Sox are participating in the first MLB Draft Lottery.

Only the San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Orioles, and Milwaukee Brewers have a lower chance of winning it so the odds don't favor the White Sox but you never know what can happen when things are left up to chance.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Nationals, and Oakland A's are tied for the best odds at the first overall pick at 16.5 percent. All of those teams were terrible in 2022 but they are going to all have a chance to better their organizations through the draft.

The Cleveland Guardians are the only AL Central team that isn't participating in this lottery because they were the only playoff team from the division. The White Sox have the worst odds as the second-place team.

The Minnesota Twins are sitting with a 0.9 percent chance, the Detroit Tigers have a 7.5 percent chance, and the Kansas City Royals have a 10 percent chance. There is a great chance that one of the four lands at least a top-six pick via the lottery.

Honestly, this is a great way to eliminate tanking and they are doing it better than any league. The three worst records have the same chance to win which is nice. The team with the worst record in the league could finish as low as seventh in the draft rankings which would be a crazy scenario.

Every pick after the lottery six will just be the reverse order of the standings amongst the non-lottery winning teams. This all only applies to the first round as well as rounds 2-20 will just be the reverse order of the standings.

This is new to MLB fans but they do it in the NHL and NBA so this isn't anything new to people that follow sports in general. It would be nice to see the White Sox have a little bit of luck on thier side in this one.

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