Ex-White Sox ace suffers brutal elbow injury in first year away from Chicago

Lucas Giolito hurt his elbow in his first year completely away from the Chicago White Sox.

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The Chicago White Sox traded Lucas Giolito in the middle of the 2023 season. He was having a bounce-back year but things didn't go well for him once he got to the Los Angeles Angels.

Chicago made a good trade for themselves but things didn't work out for Los Angeles. They ended up letting Shohei Ohtani walk in free agency but that wasn't before they put Giolito on waivers during the season.

Giolito ended up getting claimed by the Cleveland Guardians where he made a handful of starts to end the season but they ultimately missed the playoffs.

During the off-season, Giolito signed a two-year deal with the Boston Red Sox. He was all set to go there and be a part of a decent pitching staff.

Lucas Giolito is having a rough start to his Boston Red Sox career

Things are going in the wrong direction as Giolito got some devastating news this week. After dealing with some discomfort, he had some imaging of his right elbow done and it didn't give good news.

Giolito has a partially torn UCL and flexor strain. That could end his 2024 season before it even starts which is brutal news for the former White Sox ace. It sounds like Tommy John to repair his right elbow is going to be needed.

This guy has been working hard to get back to where he needs to be and now this happened. He finally had a good baseball home but now he has to wait to get going there because of this injury.

This isn't the end for Giolito but it is a major setback. It would be best for him to get the surgery now to be ready to pitch for the Red Sox at the start of the 2025 season. It happens with almost every pitcher these days and now it is Giolito's turn.

White Sox fans are rooting for him to succeed in his new city. He was a great player for them which included three seasons of top-11 Cy Young finishes. It is a shame to see him going through this but he will come out stronger on the other side.

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