Former White Sox ace Carlos Rodon is shut down for the spring

New York Yankees Photo Day
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The Chicago White Sox and Carlos Rodon had a tough stretch together that saw the former high draft pick struggle. However, he finished his tenure strong by being one of the best pitchers in the league which earned him a big-time contract.

He played with the San Francisco Giants in 2022 where he was wildly successful. That earned him an opt-out and a chance to sign an even bigger contract with the New York Yankees for 2023 and beyond.

However, things haven't gotten off to the best start for him in a Yankees uniform. His spring numbers aren't great and now he is injured. In fact, he is going to begin the 2023 season on the Injured List and is shut down for the rest of spring training.

There are going to be some White Sox fans with a "told ya so" attitude but that isn't fair. He doesn't have a devastating injury that is going to keep him out for the year. He was also healthy with the White Sox in 2021 and the Giants in 2022 and you saw what happened.

The Chicago White Sox are going to miss Carlos Rodon once again.

When Rodon is healthy, he is worth every penny. The Yankees will get him back and have him as a part of a great rotation with Nester Cortes and Gerrit Cole. Once again, they come into the year believing that they can compete in the World Series.

Carlos Rodon, in the mind of a lot of White Sox fans, has become one of those players that is always fun to cheer on no matter where he lands. It might be hard for folks to root for the Yankees but it should be easy when Rodon is on the mound.

The White Sox don't shell out the money very often so you have to respect the teams that do every now and again. Maybe one day, the White Sox will act like that.

Rodon was loyal to the White Sox and grinned through some hard years. It wasn't always easy but he was always someone that was easy to respect because he gave it his all for his team.

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