Frank Thomas wants to lead the White Sox minor league system

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are in a bad spot right now. Everybody is discussing how they can improve it as the years go by.

Chris Getz was hired to be the new guy in charge. He will be the president and general manager of the Chicago White Sox in the future. Of course, he is replacing Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams in those roles.

Getz was previously the head of player development and assistant general manager before getting this new job.

Now, that position previously held by Getz needs a replacement. There is a prominent person in White Sox land that wants that job.

The Chicago White Sox have some new decisions that they need to make.

On the Friday night pregame show on NBC Sports Chicago, Frank Thomas said on the air that he'd be interested in that job. He wants to turn the minor league system around.

He went on to say that the culture is always started in the minor leagues. Without it getting going down there, he believes the Sox will never achieve great things at the Major League level.

This is someone to take advice from. He is the greatest player in the history of the franchise. At one point, you can argue he was the best hitter in the league.

He knows what it takes to be great. Although most prospects will never eventually become what he became, he can help them achieve the most out of their potential.

If Thomas was being serious about wanting that job, the White Sox should think about it. It might not be great to think about old White Sox players doing things for the team in 2023 but Thomas clearly has a vision for what the system needs to do differently to produce different results.

He also appears to be passionate about the team long after he stopped playing. It is something to consider right now.

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