Grading Lenyn Sosa's 2023 Chicago White Sox season

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
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The Chicago White Sox had a very interesting year with their players. One of the most discussed positions in the organization for the last decade is second base. They have had a very hard time finding a solution to that spot for a long time. 

Two years ago, they were really hoping that Lenyn Sosa would be one of those guys. They called him up from AA without getting him time in AAA which seemed like an okay idea at the time. However, it clearly was a disaster. 

He proved that he might have not been ready for AAA let alone MLB. It was obvious that he was not ready for the league pretty early into his White Sox tenure. They eventually sent him to AAA from MLB and it was a struggle to even get back on track there.

Coming into 2023, the plan was for Sosa to compete for the second base job with Romy Gonzalez but then they signed Elvis Andrus to do the job. They were all pretty bad but Sosa is probably the worst of the three at this point. Andrus is older so he is probably done in Chicago but Sosa is not the answer.

He had a -0.8 WAR in 52 games with the Whtie Sox which tells you just how bad things were. If he played a full season, his WAR probably would have reached new levels of terrible. He slashed .201/.224/.348 for an OPS of .571. He hit six home runs, had 14 RBIs, and 12 runs scored.

These numbers are terrible and his AAA numbers were pretty good which makes you wonder if being an AAAA-type player is his destiny.

2023 Final Grade: F

The Chicago White Sox don't seem to have a future with Lenyn Sosa. He wasn't good in 2023 and he hasn't even really shown many flashes. He runs into a home run every now and again but there is no consistency whatsoever. He gets an F.

2024 Outlook:

You'll probably see Lenyn Sosa bounce back and forth between Chicago and Charlotte again in 2024 which isn't the best news but it is what it is. The White Sox probably won't be very good so it doesn't matter. Maybe he'll find a spark with another year of development but don't count on it.

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