Grading Oscar Colas's 2023 Chicago White Sox season

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The Chicago White Sox have relied on prospects a lot over the years. All of the rebuild was based on prospects and some of them were good but some of them were awful. A few of them were also just handled so poorly.

One of them that still has the jury out on them is Oscar Colas. He made the White Sox out of camp this year because he was decent in spring training. They also don't have a long-term sure answer at right field so it isn't like he had a big roadblock to making the team.

It was a poorly handled situation for the White Sox because of the fact that they didn't give him much time to get going in MLB. They sent him down way too early after he struggled a little bit out of the gate. If his leash was going to be so short, why have him make the team at all?

It became even worse as the White Sox started to lose. Once it was clear that they weren't making the playoffs (it didn't take long), keeping Colas in AAA instead of developing him at the big league level was just a bad decision. Now, his future is in question because of this year.

The Chicago White Sox are looking for more from Oscar Colas.

If the White Sox want Colas to become a good baseball player, they need to make sure that they get him in a good off-season program so he can show up in 2024 with some confidence. We know the talent is there but he has to put it all together at the highest level.

2023 Player Grade: F

It might not be his fault but Oscar Colas gets an F. He had a -1.5 WAR which shows just how bad he was during his time in the big leagues. He has a lot of improving to do if he is going to become a regular MLB player. White Sox fans should be rooting for him because he could turn out to be a great player based on his raw talent.

2024 Outlook:

Unless a strong trade package presents itself, Oscar Colas is going to be on the White Sox in 2024. Whether he sees time in AAA remains to be seen but White Sox fans will be watching him at some point. We can only hope that the new-look White Sox help him get better and finally have a good showing.

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