Grading Touki Toussaint's 2023 Chicago White Sox season

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The Chicago White Sox had some really bad play this season. However, that does not mean that every player on the team was absolutely horrible. Most of them were but a couple of them get a pass based on their circumstance. 

One of those players is Touki Toussaint. He started to get consistent starts with the Chicago White Sox in 2023. It was more out of necessity than anything but he didn’t do all that bad considering all of the variables. 

He is not someone who is making starts on a winning ball club. However, for a team that dealt with injuries, bad performances, and trades of key starters like Lance Lynn or Lucas Giolito, he came in and did a fine job. 

There were a few bad starts that made his numbers look worse than his performance overall but his numbers are his numbers. He went 4-7 (no pitcher would have a good record on this terrible team) with a 4.97 ERA. He also had a 1.0 WAR on the season which tells you he was decent. There were plenty of “good” pitchers with much worse numbers. 

The Chicago White Sox brought in Touki Toussaint and he was great.

Toussaint started the year with the Cleveland Guardians but the White Sox were happy to have him join their team by the end of the season. He did a great job in the role that he was given. 

2023 Final Grade: B

Touki Toussaint was a 1.0 WAR pitcher on a team that went 61-101. He has to be proud of that and he deserves a B-grade as a result. He isn’t a part of the future and he just didn’t care. He went out there and pitched well when no one thought he would. By the end of the year, Sox fans thought they had a chance to see a win if he were on the mound. 

2024 Outlook:

The Chicago White Sox might as well get Toussaint back in the mix for 2024. They are going to be a horrible baseball team but he will have a chance to resume his career as he deserves. He is arbitration-eligible and won’t be a free agent until 2027. There is time to see more.  

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