Grading Zach Remillard's 2023 Chicago White Sox season

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The Chicago White Sox are a team that has a lot of issues right now. Being a bad team in 2023 led to them using a lot of players that nobody expected to see. One of those players was Zach Remillard. This is a player that can play multiple positions including second base, third base, and the outfield.

It was a pretty cool story as he made his Major League debut at 29 years old and wasn't absolutely horrible. There were players that have a lot more expected of them on this White Sox team that were significantly worse all year long.

Remillard, after spending a lot of years in the minor league system of the Chicago White Sox, has been with the Charlotte Knights for most of the last few years. He finally did get his chance this season with the White Sox where they were and it was very cool to see.

Remillard appeared in 54 games for the White Sox this season. He had a WAR of 0.1 which is not good but it was much higher than a lot of his peers, including some of the players that are expected to be key contributors. There is no doubt that he made a good impression.

The Chicago White Sox saw Zach Remillard have a good season in 2023.

He had a slash line of .252/.295/.320 for an OPS of .615. He had 18 RBIs and 16 runs scored as well to go along with his one and only career home run. Again, those are not great numbers but there were opportunities for others to be better and they weren't.

2023 Player Grade: C

Remillard gets graded on a little bit of a curve. For what he is, he gets a C. He had a positive WAR and was a 29-year-old rookie getting his MLB chance late in his pro career. He took his chance and played as well as you can expect from a guy in his position.

A lot of players would get an F with these numbers but Remillard did good for someone with his story. You can argue he deserves an even better grade for not being a negative player but the production just feels C-worthy.

2024 Outlook:

There is no doubt that Remillard will be playing pro baseball in 2024. It is just a question of what level. The White Sox won't be good so don't be surprised if he gets more chances. He deserves it to a certain degree. He isn't a part of the future but 2024 could be fun for him.

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