How did the Chicago White Sox do vs the Texas Rangers in 2023?

Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers
Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

The Texas Rangers won the World Series! It was their first championship victory in the history of the franchise. Obviously, that was a very special moment for them and all of their players.

Texas brought up some good prospects, made some aggressive trades, and spent a whole lot of money in free agency. These are all things that the Chicago White Sox should be trying to do but they fail to understand how to win in today's game.

The White Sox played the Texas Rangers in 2023 and people might now be wondering how that went. For being a 61-101 team, the White Sox did find ways to get some interesting wins but not against these Rangers. Sometimes it is nice to go back and see how you did against the champs that year but White Sox fans won't like this.

The Sox played the Texas Rangers six times in 2023 and went 1-5. That .167 winning percentage is one of the worst they've had against any opponent this year. It was truly a disaster against them no matter how you look at it.

The Chicago White Sox were smoked by the Texas Rangers in 2023.

In those 6 games, the White Sox scored. total of 16 runs. 2.6 runs per game is usually not going to cut it. They also gave up a total of 35 combined runs in those games so they allowed about 5.8 runs per game. With numbers like these, it is surprising that they even won one of the six games.

The White Sox were one of the worst teams in the league and the Rangers were the eventual World Series champions. These results aren't that surprising but they are aggravating. The White Sox aren't even in the same class as a team like the Rangers when they are supposed to be competing.

It would be one thing if the White Sox were in the middle of a rebuild but they aren't (yet). They were trying to win and were embarrassed by good teams like the Rangers. Hopefully, something changes soon but it can't be expected right now. The Rangers are a great team and should be respected but the White Sox are nowhere close.

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