Is 2023 going to be Lucas Giolito's last year with the White Sox?

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Lucas Giolito, like many others on the Chicago White Sox, had a 2022 season to forget. The right-hander had a 4.90 ERA with 1.435 WHIP. The three seasons prior, Giolito was in the prime of his career, getting votes for the Cy Young in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

2023 will be the biggest year of Lucas's career, considering it's a contract year for him. There is potential that 2023 will be his last run as a Chicago White Sox player which can be crushing news for the organization if he gets back to where he was in the past.

Giolito is motivated to bounce back this year. He is one of many who needs a good season but his name is more important than others for his own sake.

If Lucas repeats his 2022 season, he could be looking at a significant setback in his Major League career. If he gets back to his usual form, he should expect an expedited amount of money in 2024.

The Chicago White Sox need more from Lucas Giolito in 2023.

It's hard to adjust day by day in a big league season. Lucas Giolito set himself up for a detrimental year with his different approach to pitching during Spring Training in 2022.

He added weight coming into the 2022 season and he lost his velocity, his spin rate, and most importantly, his proper mechanics.

Lucas couldn't change his mechanics throughout the season so he stuck with it and ended up having one of the worst MLB seasons in his seven-year campaign.

This White Sox team needs Giolito at his best to win an AL Central title this year. Their current rotation is good but they can excel further if it all clicks together.

Giolito spoke to Chuck Garfien about his approach for 2023 and the plan after the season officially ends.

The 2023 White Sox are all on the same page with being upset with how last year panned out and Lucas was quick to start by saying how determined this team is to reach high-leveled goals in 2023. 2022 is out of everyone's brains and their focus has shifted to the here and now.

Giolito stated that he has been working off of frustration from last year and building up all of the sufferings to come out and be aggressive in a positive way for 2023.

Giolito lost 30 pounds over the previous 12 months and is working precisely in his body, which we didn't see in all of 2022. He feels looser and can be a better athlete on the mound now than he did with the weight/muscle gain last year.

Giolito is aware of his poor performance last year and doesn't have excuses for how his season went. He didn't do his job, becoming a big pit-stop for the Chicago White Sox and their success.

He aims to be productive and goes out once every five days to complete his tail off. Lucas is pushing himself harder than he ever has for this upcoming season and hopefully, efficient results will come out of it for all of 2023.

Giolito was asked who will have the most significant comeback season in 2023, and his answer other than himself, after a long time thinking, was surprisingly Andrew Vaughn.

Lucas is excited to see Andrew play his proper position throughout the entire course of an MLB season. It's time to see Vaughn at an elite level and Giolito believes 2023 is the year for it to emerge.

If enough things go right for the White Sox, big things can happen. With that said, it may not be a thought process you want to plan on while training for a season.

Giolito cosigned Grifol on his five day step process. The White Sox, rather than just saying they will be good, will show up now and prove it taking it day by day.

Giolito claimed the last few years were a passive effort and that they need to start setting short-term goals to lead to overall success and more of winning baseball.

Lucas wants to be present in the moment, whether good or bad. The White Sox needs to maintain strength throughout the time-lapse of an entire season and staying focused on the present is a good solution for the major league ball club.

Staying present as a unit goes a long way, and Pedro Grifol is making that very clear at camp in Glendale, Arizona.

The question remains unanswered if Lucas Giolito will be a Chicago White Sox in 2024 but Lucas isn't worried about the future contract he might be getting. He's worrying about winning the most baseball games he can in 2023, both individually and as a group.

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