Is it time for yet another Chicago White Sox rebuild

Chicago White Sox v Houston Astros
Chicago White Sox v Houston Astros / Tim Warner/GettyImages

It has been a depressing start to the White Sox's season. They are one of the worst teams in all of baseball and their record worsens every day. By the end of April, they could potentially already be out of a horrible AL Central playoff race.

The AL Central is hands down the worst division in the MLB and the White Sox haven't taken any of it for advantage as they currently stand fourth in the division with the Kansas City Royals not too far behind them.

The organization's plan for the "core" of this White Sox roster hasn't panned out. Whether it's the abundance of injuries, the horrible defensive play, or the number of times guys are swinging at pitches outside of the strike zone, it's safe to say this team isn't what anyone expected it to be.

Many players on the White Sox are currently in the last year of their contracts. With those certain guys most likely not returning to Chicago, the organization should be considering yet another rebuild.

Rick Hahn hasn't been able to produce much since his hiring and Jerry Reinsdorf hasn't even seemed to care.

If Reinsdorf wants to win baseball games, it starts with rebuilding his organization. It's time to clean house. Whether he wants to or not, it's the right move for him financially and for the sake of his baseball team.

The Chicago White Sox need to change up everything going forward.

Hahn has gotten multiple chances to turn the corner for the White Sox and he's only gotten one AL Central title along with two playoff game wins.

Reinsdorf's chances of selling the team are close to none and he needs to start prioritizing what pieces work in Chicago and which ones do not.

As much as it will hurt the fans in Chicago, it might officially be time to say goodbye to many guys on the 2023 roster.

Tim Anderson, Eloy Jimenez, Yasmani Grandal, Lucas Giolito, and Lance Lynn are just a few to name that could potentially be dealt by the trade deadline. All of these guys provide something other teams in the MLB don't have and the White Sox can receive a loaded haul of prospects in return.

The White Sox should enter a new era and create a major-league roster built around Dylan Cease, Michael Kopech, Andrew Vaughn, Oscar Colas, Colson Montgomery, Andrew Benintendi, and Luis Robert Jr.

The talent was never the issue in the last couple of years. It's been the lack of accountability, the significant amount of injuries, the load of wasted money invested into the bullpen, and many more.

The Chicago White Sox are not a good baseball team currently structured and they won't be until the pattern or flow changes.

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