One White Sox fan speaks for everyone with his rant on the radio

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

Sometimes, bad baseball can break even the most loyal fans upset. That seems to have happened with the Chicago White Sox fanbase right now. Literally, nobody is defending them at this point because of how pathetic they have actually been.

Right now, they have a winning percentage under .300 which is about as pathetic as you can have when you are actually trying to win. There is no real solution that makes sense so they need to just clean house and start over. Obviously, that is easier said than done.

This team promised that they were going to spend money, be good at developing players, and make deep playoff run after deep playoff run. So far, they have done absolutely none of that and fans are really starting to get annoyed. We thought 2022 was bad but 2023 is even worse.

On Waddle and Silvy of ESPN 1000 radio, a fan called in by the name of "Berto" and had one of the greatest and most passionate rants in the history of sports radio. He poured it all out there and the clip of the call has gone viral.

The Chicago White Sox should take this clip to heart and make change.

Normally, fans who call in with negative thoughts aren't that fun to listen to but this guy made so much sense. Everything he said in the rant is very true about all of our favorite team.

Jerry Reinsdorf, Kenny Williams, and Rick Hahn have all done a very bad job with the construction of the organization. The only good players, as Berto points out, are Dylan Cease and Tim Anderson. Pretty much everything else to do with the organization is a massive failure.

We can only hope that the franchise does something about this. They can't love that this clip is going viral but it is which is good for the long-term health of the team.

The fact that everyone that follows this team can agree with this speaks volumes about what it means. Most of the time, fans just argue about things but there are no arguments when it comes to the things that Berto said about them in this clip.

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