Jake Diekman has no business being on the White Sox roster any longer

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox
Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are not good and aren't going to become good anytime soon. However, they have no reason to keep Jake Diekman. With the way he has performed since the end of last season, he has no business being on this roster for another minute.

In his most recent appearance, he allowed five runs. Only one of them was earned but it is so obvious that bad things happen when he is on the mound.

His ERA is now up to 7.84 and his WHIP is a whopping 2.129. That is not a player that belongs on a team that is trying to win. Make no mistake about it, the White Sox are trying to win even though they are so bad at it.

Diekman probably wouldn't make the bullpen of any team in the American League trying to win their division or be in the wild card. It was a bad trade for Rick Hahn in a long line of them. He was their grand trade acquisition when they were trying to win in 2022 and it failed.

The Chicago White Sox should be cutting Jake Diekman right now.

They cut Dallas Keuchel and Jose Ruiz when they had similar issues. Their numbers weren't all that different so Diekman deserves no passes. He has been awful and there are plenty of other players in AAA that deserve the shot more than him.

Diekman has been in the league for a long time now. He has had a really nice career. He might even be able to revive his career somewhere else but it just hasn't worked out well for him since coming to the south side of Chicago.

Rick Hahn, who doesn't deserve to execute the next rebuild, should just accept his losses with Diekman and move on. There is no reason for this to continue for another second.

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