White Sox: Lots of great players just became available because of opt-outs

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The offseason is officially underway in Major League Baseball now that the World Series is over. Every team, including the Chicago White Sox, is set to do what they can to better their future.

We already learned a few things on Monday. For one, we now know that the White Sox are picking up Tim Anderson's club option but buying out declining Josh Harrison's. We will see shortly how these moves impact the entire offseason for the team.

For the White Sox, they will look to make major upgrades all winter long. There are lots of good free agents out there to consider. Of course, Jose Abreu is one of those and the White Sox are surely going to try and get him back in their uniform.

The free agent class just got a lot better on Monday too as we learned of all the players that will exercise their opt-outs. Guys like Carlos Correa, Jacob deGrom, and Anthony Rizzo amongst many other stars are choosing to do so which heightens the drama.

The Chicago White Sox need to get much better over this offseason.

We already knew that former White Sox ace Carlos Rodon was opting out of his deal with the San Francisco Giants as well. That makes you wonder if the White Sox would ever consider bringing him back. He is as elite as it gets when it comes to this free-agent class's pitchers.

The White Sox aren't known for being big spenders in free agency. Yasmani Grandal is the highest paid player in team history and they are one of only a few teams to never give out a contract worth 100 million or more.

This is the time for them to change that. They had the 7th highest payroll in the league last year but they need to be smarter about how they use that money. There are some free agents out there that are well worth a look for a team trying to get better.

All of these elite players that decided to opt-out of their contracts are likely looking for money, playing time, and a chance to win. The White Sox can absolutely provide that for a lot of them. We will see how that goes over the offseason.

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