Jose Abreu's first postseason home run of 2023 powers Astros to win

Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Three
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Three / David Berding/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox had a lot of good years with Jose Abreu. As a result, fans are always going to love him. He is one of the greatest players in the history of the franchise and will always be remembered as such

Now, as you know, he moved on to the Houston Astros last offseason as a free agent. The defending World Series champions wanted to improve their chances of repeating so they went out and grabbed the slugger. 

Abreu didn’t have the typical regular season production that we are used to seeing from Abreu but he was still an RBI machine. That stat isn’t what it once was in terms of importance but nobody can deny that Abreu helps teams score runs. 

Well, he had a big hit in their first playoff game over the weekend and helped them win. After a big Minnesota Twins win in game two, however, they entered Tuesday night’s game in a 1-1 series tie. 

The White Sox are seeing Jose Abreu play well in the playoffs right now.

In game three, Abreu helped the Astros get out to a fast start. In the first inning, he hit a three-run home run and extended their lead to 4-0. From there, they were on a roll. 

Later in the 9th inning, Abreu hit another home run. This time it was a two-run shot that extended Houston’s lead to 9-1. That held as the final score and they now hold a 2-1 series lead over the Twins. Abreu’s team is one win away from from the American League Championship series. He deserves it. 

Those two home runs were the second and third in his postseason career. He should have a lot more than that but the White Sox continuously failed to be a playoff team for almost his entire tenure with the club. Now, he is a part of something bigger and better. 

The Astros have a chance to close out the series on Wednesday afternoon. This is the time of year that the Astros thrive and they are thriving. We’ll see if the AL Central champs can get the series tied but never count out the Astros.

If Jose Abreu can keep playing this well, they will be a hard out with all of the other studs that they also have playing great. 

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