Juan Uribe Jr. signing shows how important the 2005 White Sox team still is

Minnesota Twins vs Chicago White Sox - April 7, 2007
Minnesota Twins vs Chicago White Sox - April 7, 2007 / Chuck Rydlewski/GettyImages

The 2005 Chicago White Sox are always going to be considered to be a legendary team in the history of the city. They ended a baseball champion drought that was pushing 100 years between two teams. Getting it done then was improbable but much needed.

All of the players on that team will always be remembered as each and every one of them was important in their own way. From the star home run hitters to the last guy in the bullpen, they all executed their roles and they won it all.

One of those players was Juan Uribe. He was the starting shortstop of the greatest team in franchise history. He wasn't one of the stars but he was an above-average everyday player that did a very good job. most of the time, he hit eighth or ninth and did a great job turning over the lineup to the top.

You need guys like this to execute their roles in order to win big and Uribe did a very good job with it. He even made some big-time defensive plays, including a catch he made by diving into the stands that got the White Sox to within an out of a World Series championship.

The White Sox had some amazing moments with Juan Uribe at shortstop.

In addition to the 2005 World Series championship, Uribe spent five great years with the White Sox. He also made stops with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Colorado Rockies, San Francisco Giants, New York Mets, Cleveland Indians, and Atlanta Braves.

He won a second World Series with the Giants in 2010. There is no doubt that he was an incredibly accomplished Major League player.

His son just signed as an international free-agent prospect. He was one of seven players that signed with the team but he was the one that got the most attention by far. He isn't even the best player that was signed as he isn't a top-50 international prospect but he was the most popular.

This shows how important the 2005 team actually is to the fanbase of this team. They care so much about it that anything that connects to it gets attention. It makes sense, it was the greatest team in franchise history and they deserve their respect.

Hopefully, Uribe Jr. ends up becoming a good pro player that gets a chance in the big leagues. Like his father before him, he is also a shortstop. No matter what, though, it is fun looking back at Uribe Sr's career and how much he helped that amazing 2005 squad.

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