Lance Lynn makes some history in the White Sox loss on Sunday

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox had another very annoying game on Sunday. They looked good with the Father's Day blue added to their uniforms but that was about it.

Some bad decision-making has led to them losing the game 5-1 after just trailing by one in the 8th inning. However, there was something to be happy about.

Lance Lynn has had a horrific season so far. He is clearly running on fumes right now after being elite for the majority of the last half-decade or so.

Well, for whatever reason, he looked like his old self on Sunday afternoon. He struck out 16 Mariners hitters which ties a White Sox franchise record.

Lance Lynn had an incredible performance on Sunday afternoon.

That is a lot of missed bats and nasty pitches. The Mariners are no joke either. There are great hitters up and down that lineup. Lance Lynn mostly had his way with them.

He joined a short list (that you don't want to be on) of players that had 16 strikeouts or more and lost. That just defines the 2023 season.

Lynn would love to start pitching like this again but it remains to be seen. He hasn't been bad but it really hasn't been DFA bad. He is far from 2022 Dallas Keuchel.

Hopefully, Lynn can take this performance, learn from it, and turn this season around. Everyone knows how much that would help the 2023 Chicago White Sox.

Because this division is so bad, the White Sox are still very much in it. If they could just all pull together, they can do this. Lance Lynn's contributions are much needed for it to happen.

Lynn's next appearance will certainly come in the weekend series with the Boston Red Sox. That will come after this week's series with the Texas Rangers. It will be interesting to see how he follows this up right away. It could be very telling.

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